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Simple chairs found in a guest room, probably original furnishing, hand made using simple tools. You can see the hand made drapes next to the chair in this photo.

We arrived for our visit at the end of a storm. It was still lightly snowing when we checked in. This was the view from our room with the Magic Mile chair lift visible between the trees if you look close.

This was the view out our window when we woke up the next morning! It doesn't get much better than this!!!

I stuck my head into a room they were cleaning on the south side of the Lodge and snapped this photo showing the view from that side. As you can see there is a pretty good view no matter what direction your room faces. I'm not sure why the drapes on one side of the window are longer than on the other?

This is one of the fireplace suites, with a king bed. As you can see, they are considerably larger rooms. They also are more historically accurate as they have the original decor and most of the furniture is original also.  Notice this room still has original hardwood floors with throw rugs.  Each fireplace room has a unique decor, note the drapes are different from the other rooms we looked at.  If you want the most historical experience book your stay in one of the fireplace suites.