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Here's a photo of the outside of Timberline with the location of the Mt. Jefferson alcove window shown (alcove window is described on previous page.) You can see how the front of the Lodge catches the wind blown snow and it builds up to the base of the window.  If you want a view in the winter, ask for a 3rd floor room.  Otherwise the only view from your room may be of the snow outside piled up against the window.

So now lets peek into a few guest rooms. This photo is of an ornate hand-made closet door latch, forged by a blacksmith.  All the Timberline Lodge's hardware is hand-made using basic tools (if something breaks they still find a blacksmith to make replacements by hand.)  You will find fancy, ornate hand-made steel and iron hardware through out the Lodge.

This is a typical queen guest room (#305, the room we stayed in.) Twin rooms are similar but have two twin beds. Originally each room had a theme, with drapes, bedspreads and rugs all matching the theme. For ease of maintenance the rooms now have a single common theme, except for the upscale "fireplace rooms" suites which still have unique themes. The drapes in each room are still hand-made using replica fabric which is a duplicate of one of the original patterns used in the lodge.

Another view of the same queen guest room. Notice the mirror shaped like the Timberline Arch. One modern concession is that rather than the original bare wood floors, the rooms now have standard commercial carpet.   That is a concession to help reduce the noise and wear.

This is a typical guest room bath, with shower only. Some rooms have bathtubs also.