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Here you can see the hearth and fireplace in one of the fireplace suites. The fireplace suites have hardwood floors and hand-looped rugs. I believe the artwork in these rooms is also original. Yes, the fireplace works and burns wood.

This is one of the small budget "Chalet Rooms" on the lowest floor. (It was being cleaning when I snapped the photo. There's a rather surprised member of the housekeeping staff just out of the photo on the right.) The Chalet rooms are on the ground floor and are very minimal European-Style bunk rooms. Bathrooms and showers are down the hall and shared. There is not a TV in these rooms. There are a variety of Chalet room sizes available, some have bunk beds and sleep up to 10 persons. These are popular rooms for groups of young people who come up for a ski weekend.

This is one of the larger Chalet bunk rooms, as you can see it has not been cleaned yet either.

That's it for the quick photo tour. Sadly, we simply can't include everything we would like to show you here. The tour would be too long for most people. Want to see more? There are a couple more pages that follow this one. Both have numerous photos with descriptions. The next page features photos of architectural details and the last page features many of the original art pieces and a cl;oser look at the hand-made furniture found in the Timberline Lodge.

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