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Typical standard guest room at the Ahwahnee Hotel. The rooms have probably been updated since this photo as they remodel this hotel often.

At the far end of both the 2nd and 3rd floors, directly above the Solarium, are private parlor rooms. These parlor rooms each have a wood-burning fireplace (stocked with wood), sofa, writing table, and huge windows looking out onto a balcony. The balcony wraps around the full south side of the parlors. The windows of the parlors have a fantastic view of Glacier Point. The parlors do not have beds in them, but they have doors directly to two adjacent bedroom units, one on either side. This clever arrangement allows the parlor room to be combined with either or both of the bedroom units, creating a 2 or 3 room suite.

The Ghost Rocking Chair story: The previous photo and this one are of the 3rd floor parlor. On several occasions housekeeping staff have noticed a rocking chair in the parlor of this suite. Problem is, a rocking chair isn´t one of the pieces of furniture in the parlor! The story is that a rocking chair was placed in the room when President John F. Kennedy stayed in the suite in 1962. However it was removed from the room after his visit. So why do housekeeping staff keep seeing a rocking chair in that room? Where does it disappear to? The theory is it is a "ghost chair".

The Secret Terrace! OK, I'm letting you in on a secret here so if you go to this terrace you have to behave.  The 4th floor is very similar to the 3rd with a couple of exceptions worth noting. The first is that there is not a private parlor room/suite on the end of the south wing. However, a few of the rooms on this floor do have private balconies, and some have shared balconies. All the rooms are top floor, accept those nearest the elevator. OK, do you want to know how to find the secret terrace? As you exit the elevator on the 4th floor turn right, and look for an unmarked door. If it is daytime you may see light coming in around the edges of the door. Open the door and you will find a very nice, large balcony with tables and a fantastic view of Upper Yosemite Fall. You can also get a good look down into the hotel´s service yard from here if such things excite you! This is a great place to get an up close look at the riveted and soldered copper roof drain spouts, and detailed metal light fixtures.As with all such things if people abuse this and start bothering the guests with rooms facing onto this terrace, the simple addition of a door lock will put an end to this secret terrace with the great view for those who can't afford a room.