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This is the Sunporch Parlor on the 6th Floor. A door leads into an adjacent bedroom.

Another Ghost story! The primary ghost story at the Ahwahnee is that the entire 6th floor is haunted by the ghost of Mary Curry Tressider, who lived on the 6th floor until she passed away in 1970. We ran into a nice couple who were staying in the Tressider room, which was formerly her bedroom. They let us look at the room before they checked out (that's why there are used glasses on the table in the photo) and told us they were convinced her ghost was in their room the previous night. They were visibly shaken by the experience! A storm had blown in that night and with the wind whistling through the trees and around the building.  That same night we were staying in the Spenser room 2 doors down and can confirm it was eerie sounding. Above the bed in the Tressider Suite are two lamps, each shaped like a arm protruding from the wall, with each having a hand holding an electric candle. I wish so much I had taken a picture of them!  If they are still there and you can get a photo of them, please, please send it to me for this website!!  Back to the story.  I´m not sure if the people staying in the suite were already spooked by the wind or just like to sleep with the lights on but they left the two "hand" lights on above their bed when they went to sleep. The two lights over the bed suddenly went off- but the other room lights stayed on! I don't think they slept too much that night! The photo above is the only one I took of the suite, the lady in the picture is Mary Curry Tressider.

This is the end of the main photo tour of the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, aka The Ahwahnee Hotel.

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