Zion Lodge

Zion Lodge Fourplex cabin

Zion National Park, Utah

The Historic Zion Lodge

The Main Lodge Building

Original Zion Lodge building, photo by J. Reed Jones
This is a historic photo of the original Zion Lodge (built 1925) that burned down in 1966. Compare it to the recent photo of the new lodge below. Photo above is by J. Reed Jones, from the National Park Service Collection.


New Zion Lodge Building
The Zion Lodge now. This new lodge building was hastily constructed in 1966.
Recent renovations have added much of the original lodge's exterior features to the new building.


Zion Lodge Lobby
This is the lobby of the new Zion Lodge.


Zion Lodge Wild Turkeys
More photos of the Zion Lodge.
The Red Rock Grill Breakfast Buffet at the Red Rock Grill
The Red Rock Grill Restaurant at Zion Lodge.

For more photos of the lodge take the Zion Lodge Virtual Tour.

For a video of the wild turkey doing his courting dance: Wild Turkey Dance.

The Western Cabins:

The Deluxe/Western cabins
The Western Cabins. There are duplex and fourplex cabin units. This is a duplex cabin, the photo at the top of this page is of a fourplex cabin.


Western cabin interior
This is the interior of one of the Western Cabins.
All of the cabins have gas fireplaces.


Duplex cabin. Typical cabin bathroom.
More photos of the Western Cabins. For more photos of the cabins Zion Lodge Western Cabins.


Hotel/Motel Units:

In addition to the historic cabins there are two modern hotel buildings at Zion Lodge. The rooms are what you would expect in a typical two-star rated establishment. Most rooms have two queen beds, a few rooms have a king bed.

Newer hotel unit
Modern hotel buildings with interior hallways.


Hotel room interior
Typical hotel room interior. A few suites are also available.


Hotel unit bath.
Hotel room bath. For more photos see Zion Lodge Hotel Units.


Full Tour of Zion Lodge. Be sure to take a look at the full virtual tour of Zion Lodge. The Full Tour features over 65 photos, history, and extensive comments about the historic lodge complex.



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Unless noted, all photos above were taken on approximately April 16-18, 2007. Click on photo for a better quality image. Photos may have been digitally altered to enhance details and blur faces.



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