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The Historic Deluxe Western Cabins!

The Deluxe/Western cabins
The original Deluxe Cabins, now called the Western Cabins. The cabins are just south of the lodge building.


The Western Cabins are historic cabins, and were formerly called the Deluxe Cabins. There are two basic cabin layouts. The duplex cabins were built in 1927; the fourplex cabins were added in 1929. All of the historic cabins were designed by the famous architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood. Like the other Zion buildings designed by Underwood, they have open walls with exposed exterior framing. The cabins have been both updated, and to some degree restored. They had been modernized at one time leaving little of the original interior appearance. Those "improvements" have been removed and the interiors now are much more like the original design. The cabins have log fireplaces with gas logs, plus individual heat pumps for heating/cooling. The ceilings are open-beam, stained wood. Standard commercial carpet covers the floors, with linoleum in the bathroom.

The cabins have 2 double beds each. Baths have been updated. The original walk-in closets have been converted into dressing rooms with a second sink, which is very convenient. The furniture in the cabins is rustic and fits in well with the cabin style. Each cabin has a porch with a nice wood bench. The cabins have been remodeled after these photos were taken, they now have new paint colors, new funiture, and new fabrics.

Zion Lodge Fourplex cabin
Exterior of one of the fourplex cabins. The original flagstone walkways have been replaced with plain gray concrete. While conccrete is likely smoother and safer, it is not nearly as pretty as the original flagstone.


 Fourplex cabin
Another view of a fourplex cabin.


A duplex cabin
Exterior of a duplex cabin.


Zion Lodge Duplex cabin
Another look at a Duplex cabin, note the heat pump that has been added on the left side.


Cabin overlook
View looking down at the cabins from the adjacent hillside.


Cabin wall framing
Close-up view of the exposed framing on the cabins.


Cabin chimney
Each cabin has a native Navajo Sandstone chimney. The sandstone came from a local quarry.


Western cabin interior
This is the interior of one of the Western (Deluxe) Cabins.


Western cabin interior
The interior viewed from the other direction.


Cabin open beam ceiling
The original open beam ceilings, which a previous remodel had covered over, have been restored.


Zion Lodge cabin furniture
Rustic furniture completes the effect.


Cabin dressing room
The original closets have been converted to a small dressing room, with built-in drawers and a second sink.


Cabin bath
Typical bathroom in the Western Cabins.


Cabin screen door
Each cabin has a wood framed screen door to allow the fresh mountain air in.


Rustic bench on porch of cabin
If you would rather be outside, a rustic bench is found on each of the cabin porches.


Pioneer Family Cabins

Originally there were a group of standard, or family, cabins. These cabins were smaller and did not have private baths. All of these standard cabins were removed in 1984. The Lodge complex also originally had a swimming pool and bathhouses designed by Underwood. Both have been removed.

Zion Lodge pioneer family unit cabin
This is a photo of the Pioneer Family Unit cabins. Photo credit: Clayton B. Fraser (1984), Library of Congress, prints and photographs division, HABS, Reproduction number UT-112-C-1.


Pioneer family unit cabins
Another photo of the Pioneer Family Unit cabins. Photo credit: Clayton B. Fraser (1984), Library of Congress, prints and photographs division, HABS, Reproduction number UT-112-4.


Some Zion National Park Scenery:

Emerald Pools
Just a short walk from the Zion Lodge is Emerald pools where you will find this spray/waterfall.


Emerald pool trail.
The trail to Emerald Pools crosses the scenic Virgin River.


Next, the hotel units and historic employee dorms. Plus more Zion scenery.
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Unless noted, all photos above were taken on approximately April 16-18, 2007. Click on photo for a better quality image. Photos may have been digitally altered to enhance details and blur faces.



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