Front View of Lodge, Timberline Lodge

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Front View of Lodge, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
Welcome to Timberline Lodge in the Cascade Mountains of Northern Oregon ! As you can see, it was winter when this photo was taken and there is a lot of snow. But this is a ski lodge, so that's a good thing. That huge mountain on the right side is Mt. Hood topping out at 11,249 feet high. The Lodge is perched on the south flank of Mt. Hood just above the tree line at around 6,000 feet. Timberline Lodge was built in 1936-1937 during the Great Depression. It was a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, intended to create jobs for unemployed workers. The construction involved building the structure, creating parking lots, and building a suitable road to the Lodge. But at Timberline they went a lot further, WPA workers also hand-built all the furniture for the Lodge, made all the drapes and linens, commissioned original art work to decorate it, and did almost all of it using local unemployed laborers! One more thing-- almost all of it was hand-crafted using hand tools and traditional methods. Timberline Lodge was declared a National Landmark in 1978.
Crater Rock Mt Hood, about 1918 Climbing Mt Hood, about 1918
Julie's grandmother climbed Mt. Hood as a young woman. We found these photos in her photo album. Date unknown, but it was probably around 1924, before the lodge was built. The rock in the right photo is Crater Rock.


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