Pee-Chee, Timberline Lodge

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Pee-Chee, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
Does the lady sitting on the chair lift look strangely familiar? Chances are you've seen her before, maybe you even scribbled on her picture! Yes, she is the lady on the back cover of the famous Pee-Chee folders that were standard school supplies for almost every student for decades. She is sitting on the original Magic Mile Chair Lift that ran up Mt. Hood behind Timberline Lodge. The Magic Mile opened at Timberline in 1939, not long after the Lodge opened (remember the lodge was built to be a ski lodge in winter.) At the time it was built it was the longest ski lift in the world, was the second chair lift ever built anywhere, and was the first ski lift to use metal towers. The Silcox Hut on the mountain above the Lodge was originally the upper terminal for the Magic Mile lift. A double-chair lift replaced the original one in 1962, and the current Magic Mile lift is a detachable quad that was built in 1992.


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