East View of Lodge, Timberline Lodge

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East View of Lodge, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
This is a view from uphill on the east side and, wow, as you can see there is really a lot of snow! The first two floors are completely buried below the snow level. Most of the windows you see are on the 3rd & 4th floors. The Timberline Lodge was dedicated on September 28, 1937 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in person. The Lodge wasn't completely finished at the time, so they hastily put on enough finishing touches to make it presentable, and the dedication went forward on schedule. The dedication of the Timberline, built in record time of less than 2 years, was a big deal for the New Deal. This project was a symbol of recovery for a nation weary of recession. Timberline Lodge opened to the public in February of 1938. Unfortunately the economy was still in bad shape and the lodge struggled to make enough money to stay open. The lodge fell into disrepair and finally closed during World War II. After the war Timberline saw a reversal of fortune and great revival under its new manger, Richard Kohnstamm. Mr. Kohnstamm's vision for Timberline continues today with his son Jeff, who is now president of the RLK Company. RLK is one of 3 organizations that work together to make the Timberline Lodge what it is today. The U.S. Forest Service owns the lodge and administers everything, while a non-profit organization called "Friends of Timberline" raises the money and labor to restore and maintain the Lodge. The RLK Company manages the day-to-day operations of the Lodge and Timberline Ski Area.


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