Left Lower Lobby, Timberline Lodge

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Left Lower Lobby, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
To the left of the lower lobby this arched doorway leads to the west wing and the stairs up to the guest rooms. This is a good time to look at the "Timberline Arch", a classic feature of this Lodge. The Timberline arch is a arch with a flattened top on it. Variations of it occur throughout the Lodge, look for them in the photos. Notice the size of the wood posts and beams and look closely at the center of the beam over the doorway. Although a little hard to see in the photos, each beam over a doorway in the Head House has a different geometric design carved in the center of it (look just to the left of the exit sign.) Also take a close look at the large doorways with Timberline Arches in this and the next photo. They seem alike at first glance and many people likely never notice otherwise. But if you look closer you will notice that the upright posts on the sides of each doorway, as well as the beams over the doorway, are each slightly different from the others. In fact, you will see very few major architectural features in this lodge that are identical!


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