Head House and Weathervane, Timberline Lodge

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Head House and Weathervane, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
The focal point of the Timberline Lodge is the Head House in the center of the building. The head house is a hexagonal structure (6 sides) with a huge hexagonal stone chimney in the center of it. The pyramid shaped roof of the Head House rises above the roof of the adjacent wings. The Head House is topped by a 750 pound bronze weathervane, which features the Timberline Logo (the logo rotates to point in the wind direction). Above the logo is a fixed compass. What appear to be windows just below the weathervane in this photo are the chimney flue openings where the smoke comes out. The tall, steep roofs of the Lodge are intended to mimic the surrounding mountains, and the pyramidal form of the Head House roof obviously is a reflection of Mt. Hood.


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