Main Front Door, Timberline Lodge

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Main Front Door, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
The main front door of the Lodge is on the second floor, and is reached from outside by two sweeping stone staircases. During winter the outside of the door is buried under snow and the door is not used. Here Julie stands next to the inside of the door to show the size of it. Look at the size of that door latch! The door weighs a little under a ton.
Main Front Door Outside, Timberline Lodge
This is the same door standing open so you can see the outside surface of the door. Look at the huge door-knocker in the center of the door. Check out the fancy iron work on the door latch and straps. Notice that despite its weight, the door is so well balanced that a small chair can hold it open. This photo was taken Oct 6, 2009 before the door was sealed shut for the winter season.


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