360 Degree Panorama, Timberline Lodge

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360 Degree Panorama, Timberline Lodge - click on photo for larger image.
This is a 360 degree panoramic photo taken from a berm of snow in front of the Timberline Lodge. The gray concrete building is the Wy'East Day Lodge for the Timberline Ski Area, opened in 1981. The lovely lady holding a camera is my wife Julie. Just to the left of Julie behind the trees is Mt. Jefferson. The mountain to the right rear of the Timberline Lodge is Mt. Hood. OK, let's head inside the Timberline Lodge. For a closer look, click on the photo above, then click again on the new image that appears.

If you have QuickTime installed you can view a high-definition interactive version of the panorama:
360 Degree Panorama, Timberline Lodge.
Warning: 10mb file size.


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