Oregon Caves Chalet
(Visitor Center)

Oregon Caves Chalet
Oregon Caves Chalet

Visited June 6-8, 2004

by Jess Stryker

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Oregon Caves Chalet:

The current Chalet building was built in 1942, it replaced the previous Chalet building that stood on the same spot. It was designed and built by Gust Lium, a local contractor. It is one of 4 remaining historic buildings grouped around the cave entrance in Oregon Caves National Monument. The other buildings are The Chateau (1934), The Ranger Residence (1936?), and the old employee Dormitory (1927, with major additions in 1940 & 1972).

Looking at the Chalet as you approach from the day-visitor parking lot.


The breezeway through the Chalet. During the floods of 1964 water poured through this breezeway from the canyon on the far side.


The front of the Chalet. Note the multiple shed-style dormer roofs and the use of
French doors on the first floor to create a wall of windows.


View of the breezeway from the back of the building.


This is the employee dormitory building, built in 1927, with major additions in 1940 & 1972.


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