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In order to publicize the website we are offering the following free* articles and photos for use in various media publications.
*These copyrighted materials are offered in exchange for publicity value and as such are technically not free.

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Permission is granted for non-exclusive use of the following copyrighted articles in exchange for mention of the website being in or immediately following the published article. In the event the article is published on-line, a hyperlink to is required. Use of these materials is expressly forbidden in any publication containing pornography or that is not a legal publication in the jurisdiction in which it is distributed.

Please notify us if you intend to publish an article by contacting Jess Stryker by email. Thank you!



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Photos at that are noted "used by permission" are copyrighted by others and may not be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder listed. Please contact the copyright holder for permission to reproduce these photos.

Photos with a photo credit but without the words "used by permission" are believed to be in the public domain.

Photos at that do not have a caption listing some type of photo credit were taken by Jess Stryker, and are copyrighted by Jess Stryker. See below for conditions for reproduction.

Use of photos copyrighted by Jess Stryker:

Photos of privately owned property: Sorry, we can't allow photos of privately owned properties to be used without permission from the property owner. Please contact the property owner/manager and obtain their permission. Upon obtaining permission please see the conditions for use below. If you are unsure if the property shown is public or private feel free to email and ask.

Students: Permission is hereby granted for student use of any photo taken by Jess Stryker, provided the photo is used on a non-profit school/class project. The photo may not have any recognizable persons in it, you may blur faces to make them unrecognizable. When using these photos you must include a photo credit or bibliography entry stating that the photo was taken by "Jess Stryker", the source of the photo is "", and that the photo is copyrighted and "used by permission". Your instructor can help you with the proper form for the photo credit or bibliography entry.

Commercial use: Photos of publically owned property, or with permission of the property owner/manager: We will grant permission for non-exclusive, commercial use of most photos on that were taken by Jess Stryker, subject to the following conditions. For commercial use, no more than 3 of these photos, per article, per publication, may be used. A photo credit is required and must include "Jess Stryker" and "". If the publication is online, the URL must be in the form of a link to the website. Use of these photos is expressly forbidden in any publication containing pornography or that is not a legal publication in the jurisdiction in which it is distributed. For permission to use photos contact Jess Stryker by email and list the file name of the photo and the webpage URL it is located on. We will confirm that it is one of Jess Stryker's photos and may be used. Please allow at least two weeks for our response. After publication we ask that you send us a free copy of the publication containing the photo(s). In most cases no fee is required for use of the photos. Thank you for helping publicize!

Release forms: If you have a standard release form you wish me (Jess Stryker) to sign, include it for my review. I will not sign any release that shifts liability unfairly toward me, such as many "hold harmless" clauses. If your release form has a lot of fine print and you don't have authority to negotiate those terms, please don't waste your time, or mine, by sending it.

NOTE: Some of the photos were taken at locations where there could be privacy issues and the need for releases. Generally I can not give permission for use of any photo with a recognizable person in it, or a photo taken inside a private building. By use of the photo you agree to be responsible for obtaining permission for obtaining any required releases from the proper person or building owner and paying any related fees.