Virtual Tour of The Asticou Inn - Widow's Walk Hatch

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Widow's Walk Hatch- click to see full size image
We're not really supposed to be up here in the attic, but the door was open and if you have read my other tours you know I tend to snoop around looking for anything unusual. This view is from inside the attic, looking up toward the roof hatch that opens to the widow's walk. Ventilation fans have been installed in the hatch door to help cool the inn. (No air conditioning!) Originally on hot days the staff would have opened the hatch to allow the hot air to escape. Well, I don't want us to get caught up here, so let's scram. I guess that's about the end of our tour of the Asticou Inn. We'll wander back outside let's take a quick look at the other buildings that are part of the complex. Haven't gotten enough photos of the Asticou Inn? We have a lot more, see our Asticou photo out-takes page.


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