Virtual Tour of The Asticou Inn - The Ghost ?

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Since radiators tend to clunk, bump and groan, let's talk about ghosts for a minute. Like all old hotels this one has one, although the staff are a little reluctant to talk about it. This one is a modern ghost too, not the more typical Victorian era female ghosts found in most historic hotels!

A while back a guest was checked into her room, only to return to the front desk claiming that they gave her the wrong room. At the Asticou Inn actual rooms are assigned at the time you reserve them, and a confirmation with a complete description of the room, including the room number, is sent to guests. How could she now think she was given the wrong room? A double check was made and she did not have the wrong room, however she was very upset and insisted that she be switched to another room. She would not stay in the room she had reserved! The Inn staff was able to switch her to a different room, but were somewhat baffled by her claim of the wrong room. She eventually admitted that they had given her the correct room, but stated that she simply could not stay in the original room she had reserved. When asked why, she rather sheepishly confided that when she went into the original room she saw a ghost in the room. She then described in great detail the apparition, which matched perfectly the description of Guy Toole, a former Inn employee who passed away in 1998! Guy loved the Inn, and everyone there loved him. He started working at it when he was 16 years old and worked there his whole life. Did Guy refuse to leave his beloved Inn even after his death?

Like all good ghost stories this one has a possible non-ghost explanation. Guy makes for the perfect ghost, as he was well known and loved the inn. But it should also be noted that there is a memorial to him in the Inn, which includes a photo. So our ghost spotting guest had access to a good description. Was she using Guy as a convenient explanation for her sudden desire for a different room? Or did she really see the ghost of Guy Toole? One thing is for sure, if the ghost of Guy Toole haunts the Asticou Inn, you need not fear him. If you see him, smile and ask for an explanation. After all, he worked at the Asticou Inn for many, many years!


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