Virtual Tour of The Asticou Inn - The original Asticou Inn

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The original Asticou Inn- click to see full size image
Photo provided courtesy of the Asticou Inn.
The Asticou Inn was established when Augustus Chase Savage and his wife Emily built a home called Harbor Cottage in 1854 and began taking in summer visitors. Harbor Cottage still stands across the street from the Asticou Inn, and is used by the Inn for guest lodging. It is called Cranberry House now, we'll look at it later in the tour. In 1883 the Savages expanded their small summer lodging business and built the first Asticou Inn building across the street from their house. The photo above is of the original Asticou Inn building. The original Inn burned down in 1899. The Inn was rebuilt by A.C. Savage's son, George Savage, and reopened in 1901. The new Inn building was designed by architect Fred L. Savage, who was another son of A.C. Savage. Fred Savage went on to design many of the grand “cottages” on Mount Desert Island and is a famous architect. The new Asticou Inn was operated for years by George Savage and his wife. When George died, the hotel management passed down to the next generation; George's 17 year old son Charles. George later married Katharine Larchar and together they ran the Inn until the mid-1960's.


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