Map of Grant Grove Village, Grant Grove Village

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Map of Grant Grove Village, Grant Grove Village - click on photo for larger image.
Before looking at more buildings, it might help to show you a map of the area. Grant Grove Village consists of several separate areas. The primary 3 areas utilized by lodging guests are arranged around Bradley Meadow. The Plaza is the area on the west side of the meadow, fronting on the main park road (state highway 180), where the Restaurant, Registration Desk, Gift Shop, General Store, Post Office, and Visitor Center are located. The Lodge Area, also called Tent City, is an area of cabins located on a hillside on the east side of the meadow. It was called the Lodge because the lodge building was here- until it burned down in 1993. "Meadow Camp" is on the north side of the meadow and consists of housekeeping-style guest cabins. In addition to these areas there is a concession employee housing area known as "Wormwood", a seasonal park service employee area called "Pine Camp" (not shown on this map), and a Residential Area for Park Service employees. There are also 3 campgrounds; Crystal Springs, Azalea, and Sunset (Sunset is not shown on this map.) Finally there is a coral and stable, and the Columbine Picnic Area (which is a former campground.) About 1 mile away to the west is the actual "Grant Grove" which is a group of Giant Sequoia trees. The Grant Grove Village was intentionally not built within a Sequoia grove to protect the trees from damage. All of the Giant Trees (Sequoias) you see in the area around the Plaza were planted, mostly in the 1930's.

1. Cabin #9, the Honeymoon Cabin
2. Redwood Duplex Cottages
3. Camp Cabins
4. Tent Cabins
5. Lodge Area Bathhouse
6. Meadow Camp Rustic Cabins
7. Old Meadow Camp Office & Bathhouse
8. New Meadow Camp Bathhouse
9. Wormwood Employee Cabins
10. Gas Station (closed)
11. Gamlin Cabin (off the map)
12. John Muir Lodge
13. Restaurant, Gift Shop, guest Registration Desk
14. Grant Grove Visitor Center
15. General Store & Post Office
16. Location of former Lodge (burned down)

Grant Grove Village is located in the Grant Grove section of King's Canyon National Park in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains. Grant Grove was originally a separate park, established Oct 1, 1890 as "General Grant National Park" . When King's Canyon National Park was created in 1940, the Grant Grove Park was annexed into it.


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