Virtual Tour of The Saint James Hotel - Saint James Hotel, Exterior

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Saint James Hotel, Exterior- click to see full size image
Welcome to the tour of the Saint James Hotel in Selma, Alabama. Built in 1837, the St. James Hotel sits on the banks of the Alabama River. At the time it was built there was a dock adjacent to the hotel where river boats loaded and unloaded cargo. This created the need for a hotel to provide lodging for visiting businessmen.
The hotel was completely rebuilt in 1997 through the efforts of a public/private partnership. The part of the hotel with the balconies is the original historic section, the ornate balcony castings are original, as are the doors and windows. At the far right in this photo you can see a small portion of the side and rear wings of the hotel, which were built in 1997. The original wings were demolished during the period when the former hotel building was used as a factory/warehouse.


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