Virtual Tour of The Redmont Hotel - Guest Room

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Guest Room- click to see full size image
The guest rooms are very nice and completely updated, this is a King room. Like most older hotels the original rooms were small by today's standards. Remodeling of the Redmont Hotel in 1983 created larger rooms by relocating walls to remove every other room. You can see how they did this by examining this room's window layout. Originally each room had one set of large windows like the one on the right, which actually is two side-by-side windows in a single frame. As you can see in the photo, moving the wall between this room and the adjacent one has resulted in a half window in the left corner of the room. The original hotel rooms had advanced features for the times, each had a private bath, chilled water cooling system, and an electric ceiling fan. Want to see a historic 1937 photo inside of a corner room (smaller windows)? Click here for a photo from the Birmingham Public Library collection.


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