Virtual Tour of The Redmont Hotel - Front of the Redmont

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Front of the Redmont- click to see full size image
The exterior of the hotel has been restored to (almost) it's original condition. This is the front side. Did you notice that the hotel has 13 floors? Many hotels skip the 13th floor due to superstitions regarding the number 13, so it is surprising they built the hotel with 13 floors! Between the 11th and 12th floors is a strip of decorative terra cotta molding called a stringcourse. The purpose of it is to break up the appearance of the side of the building so it is not overly monotonous. If you look close you will also notice a simpler stringcourse between the 3rd and 4th floors. At one time the 12th floor windows above the stringcourse had decorative wrought iron false balconies on them, they have been removed. The black boxes just above the stringcourse in the photo are lights. To see a 1970's era photo from this same angle click here. (The historic photo is from the National Registry Nomination file.)


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